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LUBEGARD® COMPLETE™ Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

The service solution for all European, North American, and Asian vehicles *

LUBEGARD® Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is engineered to outperform competitive power steering fluids in three important ways:

  • Superior anti-wear formula significantly reduces friction, provides more potent rust and corrosion protection, and extends the life of the power steering unit (See figure 1)
  • Effective in a wider range of temperatures (-41°F to 130°F) providing excellent cold and high temperature performance
  • Protects seals and hoses reducing the risk of power steering leaks and prolonging the life of the parts

This formula is engineered with a proprietary additive package developed by ILI that includes 2 patented technologies: Synergol® TMS and LXE®. Together these technologies provide the most advanced anti-wear protection available. Synergol® TMS is the first non-active, phosphorous-free surface molecule composed solely of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It contains no other toxic, corrosive, metallic or polluting elements. As an extended life anti-wear material, it extends far beyond normal power steering fluid in safeguarding system components.

LXE® (Liquid Wax Ester) has a molecular structure that allows unsurpassed heat transfer making it the most heat stable power steering product sold. The combination of these two technologies in a synthetic power steering base prolongs the life of the power steering unit.

* Honda fluid is recommended for Honda/ Acura vehicles


  • Eliminates power steering noises and whines
  • Eliminates rack and pinion stiffness
  • Cleans and frees sticky turbines and pumps
  • Inhibits fluid foaming and oxidation

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