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Power Steering Fluid with LXE® Technology

For use in power and power assisted steering units that require power steering fluid.

LUBEGARD® COMPLETE™ POWER STEERING FLUID is a hydraulic fluid that is intermittently pressurized by a high shear, high friction pump and is used in a high shear turbine motor to aid in turning a car’s steering wheel. Since the fluid is subjected to hard, long term use, without regular changing intervals, it is critically important to provide extra anti-wear, anti-friction, and anti-corrosion components, as well as oxidation stability and a high flash point for fire protection. Power steering fluid is not interchangeable with automatic transmission fluid (ATF) because ATF does not have the anti-wear protection or shear stability needed to protect the power steering pump.

LUBEGARD® POWER STEERING FLUID is specifically formulated for power steering systems and is useful in hot and cold weather environments. Top quality base oils plus a full complement of performance additives provide excellent viscosity characteristics, shear stability, rust and corrosion protection, seal integrity, and detergency; while the patented LXE® (liquid wax ester) derivatives provide the extra friction and wear protection, oxidation stability, and heat rejection. The flash point of LUBEGARD® is equal to that of motor oils (above 475°F) and higher than that of ATF fluids.

  • Relieve the whine and hum of power steering units.
  • Cleans and frees up sticky turbines and pumps.
  • Ensure a long, trouble-free life for the steering system.
  • For use in all power and power assisted steering units.
  • Reduces friction, heat, and wear
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Protects pumps and seals

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