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Power Steering Flush with LXE® Technology

For use with or without
ANY flush machine

  • Safely removes deposits and impurities
  • Prepares system for new fluid
  • Conditions and revitalizes seals and components
  • Deters internal power steering fluid leakage from developing
  • May postpone or eliminate the need to replace power steering components
  • Cleans, conditions and prepares the entire system for replacement of worn components

Power steering systems are generally only noticed when something has gone wrong.  This system is one of the simplest to maintain and is also the most noticed complaint from a customer with their vehicle.

A power steering system is generally subject to harsh temperatures leading to fluid deterioration over time. Through constant use and high operating pressures, other types of wear materials are also generated that degrade the system. The result of this pressure and heat is fluid breakdown, contamination, loss of lubricating properties, and varnish deposits. When power steering fluid circulates throughout the system of pump and gear, it picks up wear material as well as contamination from the breakdown of aging hoses and seals. Periodic maintenance of this intricate and precise system is necessary!

Flushing this system with LUBEGARD® Power Steering Flush & recharging it with new fluid and adding LUBEGARD Power Steering Fluid Protectant (P/N 20404) is the best assurance you can have for extended optimum power steering performance by allowing the fluid to run through the system effortlessly, providing the driver responsive and safe control. Even though most manufacturer's don't provide a maintenance schedule for this important gear, it should be flushed and refilled any time work is done on the rack, a hose is replaced, or if you are having steering squawk or other operating problems.

Also available in convenient packs!