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Zer0 All Purpose Lubricant


The All Purpose Lubricant that lasts, lasts and lasts. In fact, it lasts up to 10 times longer than the competition and is: Non-Toxic; Non-Flammable; Non-Aerosol; practically odorless and will not permanently stain fabric.


ZerO® contains proprietary synthetic LXE® Technology and a Bio-Based formulation derived from renewable agricultural resources to provide a lubricant and protectant that outperforms the competition.


This unique highly effective product can be used for 1,000’s of applications at work, home or play to instantly stop squeaks, free sticky mechanisms, loosen rusted fasteners and provide unmatched lubrication and corrosion protection.


Exposure to solvents and toxic materials at home, work or play has resulted in an explosion of, up until now, unknown new allergies and disorders. With ZerO, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for personal or environmental safety and piece of mind.


  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Non aerosol
  • No harsh odors

available sizes

  • ALU 85222 – 2 oz
  • ALU 85200 – 8 oz
  • ALU 85001 – 1 gal
  • ALU 85005 – 5 gal
  • ALU 85055 – 55 gal
  • ALU 85330 – 330 gal


Zer0™ All-Purpose Lubricant - Sell Sheet


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