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A Fresh Start for a Dirty Evaporator - May 29, 2019

New technologies are evolving the art of servicing vehicles, thus creating new opportunities. One opportunity that has surfaced is regarding the air quality inside both electric, hybrid, and motor vehicles. Air quality is degraded by the presence of unwanted contaminants that accumulate and live in the ducting & condenser box of A/C and heater systems. These contaminants cause foul smelling odors produced by health threatening mold, mildew, and fungus deposits growing in cabin air systems.
There are ways to “fix” the problem; from complex, expensive and temporary to inexpensive, easy, and effective. Many of the products used are simple perfumes that temporarily mask the bad odor but do nothing to truly fix the problem at its source. Once the “perfume” loses its masking odor you are back at square one. Other products that are more effective (often expensive and not “perfume”) are difficult to apply and may require disassembling the dash and spraying different chemicals through the system and then following up with a rinse. These chemicals can potentially cause the vent control systems to stick, and still do not prevent the return of the same contamination that caused the problem. This is a solution used by some OEM dealerships and is very costly and time consuming but does not correct the root cause: organic contamination.

A more efficient and cost-effective method involves delivering a cleansing /disinfectant foam such as LUBEGARD® Evaporator & Heater Foam Cleaner directly to the area of active contamination. This foam cleaner is easily introduced into the “smelly” system using an application tube that is inserted into the evaporator box or heater (normal source of problem) by way of the drain tube. All vehicles have a drain that allows condensation to escape the system. This condensation is the medium that allows the contaminants to grow in your heater or A/C; dark plus damp equals growth. If the drain is plugged, the application tube will clear it allowing the water to now leave the system properly. Once the tube is inserted fully through the drain line, the can of disinfecting foam can be discharged into the evaporator box or heater enclosure. The foam fills the system and begins to expand touching the contaminated nooks and crannies. It takes about 15 minutes for the foam to collapse down and turn into a liquid as the foam bubbles implode, scour the A/C condenser coils and flow out the drain tube, taking the bad smell and contaminants with it. Simple, easy, effective, and usually performed while you are servicing another system on the vehicle. This is the most opportune time to sell and perform this service, because the vehicle will already be in your possession and the A/C drain line will be easily accessible.
When the vehicle is returned to the owner, not only has the driveline been serviced but the “environment” for the owner has been restored. Most vehicle owners (especially those with children) are grateful that there is a safe, economical solution for the problem. Health conscious vehicle owners will also appreciate peace of mind knowing the air they breathe is free of respiratory threatening contamination. Because the problem returns in time (hot or humid climates will need service more often) it creates the opportunity to not only maintain the mechanical health of the vehicle, but the health and well-being of its owner. It creates a pattern of repeat business because they now know how and where to get the problem “fixed”. It’s amazing how your nose can create a new opportunity because you decided to assume a new responsibility; taking care of your customer like you take care of their vehicle. LUBEGARD® Evaporator Heater & Foam Cleaner is just another tool in your arsenal.

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