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Heavy Duty Engine Protectant


LUBEGARD proprietary LXE ester possesses unmatched lubricity and temperature reduction properties. It reduces ring and cylinder wear while extending the operating life of all moving parts within the engine. In addition, anti-wear and extreme pressure additive components prevent metal to metal contact. These provide wear protection for internal engine parts such as rings, cylinders and valve train during stressful heavy duty usage such as towing, hauling or commercial applications.

available sizes

  • EOS 30916 -32 oz

LUBEGARD improves untreated motor oil by 29%

The addition of LUBEGARD Heavy Duty Engine Protectant increased the oxidative stability of the untreated motor oil from 248 minutes to 349 minutes. This improvement in oxidative stability (29% improvement over untreated motor oil) is far greater than any of the other tested additives.

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LUBEGARD HEAVY DUTY ENGINE PROTECTANT contains Liquid Wax Ester (LXE®) Technology, specifically formulated to minimize friction and wear — keeping the oil cooler in today’s more complex engines.

All modern engine oils contain a highly refined petroleum or synthetic base oil which is fortified with additives to meet motor oil performance specifications. Even so, dated specifications may not represent the level of performance needed by a new engine design. A new oil may not contain sufficient additives such as ANTI-WEAR agents or ANTI-CORROSION compounds even though it passes all the tests. Furthermore, these protective compounds are depleted when the oil is in service.

The solution to this protection gap is LUBEGARD Heavy Duty ENGINE PROTECTANT which supplements and enhances the effectiveness of the additive system already present in the oil. LUBEGARD replaces the depleted or insufficient additives and adds LXE® wear protectors and friction reducers which are unavailable in any oil. Minimum friction means maximum mileage; minimum wear means maximum service. In addition, LUBEGARD increases the thermal and oxidative stability of motor oil to prevent creation of sludge and deposits.

There is a need for improved oil additives for protection and mileage in view of the rapid technological changes in modern engine design. LUBEGARD provides a concentrated package that fulfills these deficiencies (without adding ZDDP, chlorine, inappropriate sludge-building additives, or solid lubricants such as Teflon®, graphite, or molybdenum disulphide.)

LUBEGARD with LXE Technology will carry your engine through to the future!

#1 Against Metal Wear

When you start your engine in the morning, it runs for up to 60 seconds on the oil film left from the night before. Scientific studies in operating engines have shown that the wear rates are close to 50 times greater during starting than during running. LUBEGARD® Heavy Duty Engine Protectant helps improve the protection of the oil film against wear start after start, as well as reducing friction and wear when the engine is running. Lowering friction within the engine restores lost energy to you in the form of improved gas mileage and higher performance when you need it most.

Sliding friction/ energy loss occurs at start up in the:

•    Main crankshaft bearings
•    Connecting rod bearings
•    Where the piston rings contact the cylinder walls
•    Where the push rods or lifters contact the lobes of the cam shaft
•    In the valve guides
•    In the hydraulic valve lifters



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