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Non-GMO Glossamer


Polymers, as a class of additive materials, are important in cosmetic and personal care product formulations. Based on their strong film forming properties, they can form occlusive barriers, fix and protect active ingredients on the skin, enhance reflectance and sheen, and modify tactile properties. These polymeric features can enable or enhance the ability of the formulator of skin and hair care products to make the claims that appeal to consumers such as moisturizing, conditioning, water and/or rub-off resistant, or improved gloss or shine. Synthetic polymers have been used to impart one or more of these consumer benefits, with varying degrees of success. However, synthetic polymers often times contain residual monomers, and reaction by-products. They can also present solubilization difficulties or other formulation constraints. Furthermore, synthetic polymers detract from a “natural” product position and often hinder market claims of non-comedogenic and biodegradable.

The ERUCiCHEM® Division of ILI has created in Non-GMO Glossamer® a natural, environmentally friendly polymer with unparalleled performance, and wide formulation flexibility. Glossamer® natural polymer is produced by the copolymerization of purified vegetable oils. The moisturizing, conditioning and high solvency properties of the natural oils are maintained while copolymerization builds molecular weight and viscosity. Film forming features confer benefits including gloss, water and wear resistance, delivering truly multifunctional performance. An environmental- and consumer friendly position is retained due to Glossamer’s natural basis, non-animal character, purity and biodegradability.

available sizes

  • BUC L6605 – 5 gallon
  • BUC L6655 – 55 gallon


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