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Limited Slip Supplement with LXE® Technology


LUBEGARD® Limited-Slip Supplement will eliminate your differential chatter. It will also reduce differential temperatures and extend clutch pack and equipment life.

LUBEGARD® LIMITED SLIP SUPPLEMENT is specifically formulated for the clutches in limited slip differentials. Limited slip differentials depend on the operation of pre-loaded clutch packs on each axle shaft. Gear oils made for standard differentials do not contain the additives that make these clutches work. LUBEGARD® LIMITED SLIP SUPPLEMENT contains proprietary and synthetic LXE® (liquid wax ester) Technology, an advanced friction modifier to eliminate chatter. It contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect bearings and gear surfaces. The LXE® Technology also acts as an enhanced heat transfer component to pull heat out of the gear box and clutches more quickly providing cooler running units. LUBEGARD® LIMITED SLIP SUPPLEMENT benefits all makes of vehicles with limited slip differentials including GM, Ford and Chrysler.

Universally works in ALL makes and models with clutch, plate and cone differentials including Ford, Chrysler & GM!

  • Compatible in Jeep applications
  • Eliminates differential chatter and other noises, (squeals, groans, etc.)
  • Universally works in all makes and models with clutch, plate, and cone differentials including Ford, Chrysler & GM
  • Reduces differential temperatures
  • Extends clutch pack and equipment life
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion
  • Safe for yellow metals
  • Replaces high priced OE formulas

For use in all final drives and limited slip posi-traction units.

limited slip diff unit

available sizes


  • LSS 42851 – 4 oz bottle
  • LSS 31901 – 1 gal
  • LSS 31905 – 5 gal
  • LSS 31955 – 55 gal

directions for use

DIRECTIONS: Pour entire contents (4 fl. oz.) into the differential. Applications with fluid capacities over 2 quarts will
require using an additional 4 ounces. If necessary, remove enough gear oil to maintain proper level with supplement.
Allow 20 miles of road operation for complete mixing.


Download a FREE copy of the LUBEGARD Limited Slip Application Chart!

Limited Slip Additive Comparison Chart

For all Limited-slip Units?Decrease in limited slip torque with product
OEM 1 (GM)Amine PhosphateNO3%10%
OEM 2 (Ford)Amine PhosphateNO33%60%


High torque decreases, such as shown by the Ford (OEM 2) additive above. The graph relates to excess slipping in the rear end and lower torque to the wheel with traction. LUBEGARD® can be used in ALL automotive limited slip units to eliminate noise without a significant torque penalty.



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