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Forming Paste with LXE® Technology


LUBEGARD® FORMING PASTE is a proprietary formula fortified with a proprietary liquid wax ester (LXE®) package that is superior at cooling the metal and tool assembly while bending and forming operations are taking place. It was developed from renewable resources in conjunction with the United States Department of Agriculture.

This product is applied by brushing it onto any metal at the sliding point of a bend or cut, and then washed off simply with warm water (no solvents required).

LUBEGARD® FORMING PASTE provides extreme pressure lubricity allowing tube bending, stretch forming, press braking, swaging, presses, press breaks and similar applications to be performed with ease. The paste contains no hazardous materials, is easily cleaned with water and will not leave any residue or objectionable chemical odor, just a pleasant citrus smell.


  • Higher production rates
  • Superior quality
  • Better surface finish
  • Extended tool life
  • Minimizes tool wear
  • For use on all metals
  • Prevents seizing, galling or tearing
  • Contains no hazardous materials, such as halogens or metals
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to clean with water or a mild alkaline cleaner
  • Biodegradable (EPA Shake Flask Test, EPA 560/6-82-003 with unacclimated inoculums) & Non-Toxic
  • No petroleum products
  • No objectionable chemical odors

available sizes

  • FPT 10310 – 1 gal
  • FPT 10315 – 5 gal
  • FPT 10355 – 55 gal




Forming Paste with LXE® Technology - Product Data Sheet

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