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Aluminum Protectant


LUBEGARD® Aluminum Protectant reduces aluminum-on-aluminum and steel-on-aluminum wear by adding anti-wear protection which is not currently present in today's automatic transmission fluids.

It protects aluminum that is in contact with steel or other aluminum, such as valve bodies, servo bores, and pistons. It reduces aluminum valve body wear by up to 30%. It will not affect viscosity and can even help prevent torque converter shudder by reducing valve body T/C circuit wear. It is also safe for yellow metals such as brass, bronze and copper.

Features & Benefits

• Perfect for commercial applications with high mileage, and stop & go driving

• Only a 1 fl. oz. per quart treat rate (3%) is required – a 10 oz. bottle treats a
typical transmission
• Average wear reduction of 35% on aluminum that is in contact with steel or
aluminum, as in valve bodies, servo bores and pistons
• Also improves the anti-wear protection of steel-on-steel contact
• Does not affect viscosity when used in ATF
• Can help prevent T/C shudder by reducing valve body T/C circuit wear
• Restores anti-wear properties to used and new fluids
• Heat and shear stable
• Can be used in other lubricants (engine oil, hydraulic fluid) to enhance
ferrous, non-ferrous, and aluminum anti-wear properties
• Safe for yellow metals, including brass, bronze & copper
• No negative effects on frictional performance

• When added to used ATF anti-wear protection is restored for steel and
aluminum components

• Fully compatible with Lubegard additives 60902, 63010, 61910, 62005




For automatic transmissions: Add 1 oz. of LUBEGARD per 1 quart. of ATF for the total capacity of the transmission, including the torque converter.



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Aluminum Protectant

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