KOOL-IT™ Radiator Flush


Kool-It® Radiator Flush is formulated with additives that circulate through the cooling system to remove scale, loosen rust, mineral deposits and combustion by-products from the coolant system and radiator of a car or truck.

Radiators use coolants primarily containing anti-freeze & water. Water contains minerals that form deposits over time on the metal surfaces of your cooling system and radiator. These deposits will reduce the heat transfer rate (which can cause overheating), the deposits also can cause corrosion of the coolant system components and reduce the efficiency and life of the anti-freeze.

The longer you drive your vehicle without flushing the radiator and replacing the coolant, the more likely that cooling system problems will arise. Extreme driving conditions, such as; operation in hot climates, extended service intervals, stop and go driving, operation in mountainous areas, speeds above 65 mph, towing, etc., increases the chances of harmful deposit formation in the cooling system.

The #1 Cause of Roadside Failure is Coolant System Related! Source: National Automotive Radiator Service Association

  • Quickly and safely removes scum, oily residue, sediments, rust, deposits and other degradation products from the cooling system of any car or truck
  • Safe for all cooling systems including aluminum radiators
  • Maximizes cooling system efficiency
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Contains no acids
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Requires no neutralizers

available sizes

  • RFL 95020 – 16 oz
  • 12P 98001 – Flush and Protect Performance pack;  2 – 16 oz bottles (RFL 95020 & TRF 96001)
  • RFL 95100 – 1 gal
  • RFL 95055 – 55 gal

Also available! KOOL-IT Radiator Flush & Protect Performance Pack P/N 98001

Contains KOOL-IT Supreme Coolant Treatment P/N 96001 and KOOL-IT Radiator Flush


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