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Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant with LXE® Technology


LUBEGARD® Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant is a concentrated additive package infused with superior seal conditioners and friction modifiers. This unique product restores additive content to used ATF and enhances new ATF resulting in improved performance and smoother, more consistent shifting. It can safely be added to any automatic transmission fluid (ATF) including full synthetic, semi synthetic, conventional, and low viscosity fluids except CVT, DCT, and Ford Type F [1986 and earlier models] LUBEGARD® Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant is engineered to raise the thermal and oxidative stability level of automatic transmission fluids, so when it operates at elevated temperatures, it does not thin out and pyrolize, burn, or react with oxygen and form deposits. It is formulated with proprietary Liquid Wax Esters (LXE®) that are unique because of their natural lubricity, high viscosity index, and high flash and fire points. They have the ability to withstand repeated heating to temperatures as high as 570°F. LXE® gives automatic transmission fluid the extra lubricity needed for transmission’s unique frictional requirements. They improve heat conductivity, suppress foaming and, consequently, reduce transmission operating temperatures. LXE also improves cold temperature performance by reducing the fluid's pour point, preventing the fluid from thickening in frigid temperatures.

Features & Benefits

  • For use with any required *ATF’s! Check out our OEM ATF & Conversion Chart for coverage.
  • Prevents overheating, reducing elevated operating temperatures
  • Extends fluid life
  • Eliminates transmission fluid foaming and oxidation
  • Reduces wear throughout the transmission
  • Eliminates clutch chatter and torque converter shudder
  • Optimizes total transmission performance
  • Softens and modifies harsh shifts making them quicker in duration
  • Maintains proper ATF viscosity index in the torque Converter
  • Provides for smoother shifting
  • Eliminates objectionable noises during shifts
  • Keeps valves and governors free and frees stuck valves in valve bodies
  • Assists in eliminating warranty comebacks
  • Raises the thermal and oxidative stability of the fluid
  • Only protectant that increases the fluid’s ability to transfer heat
  • Does not contain any harmful components such as zinc (ZDDP) ash, etc. like other competing products
  • Protects new seals and permanently restores older seals to a “like-new” condition, without adverse side effects.
  • Also for use in manuals that require ATF

*Except CVT, DCT, and Ford Type F [1986 and earlier models] applications.

directions for use

LUBEGARD® Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant can be added to any ATF (except CVT, DCT, and Ford Type F [1986 and earlier models] fluid.) For normal applications, add 1 oz. (29.6 mL) of Lubegard per 1 qt. (L) of ATF for the total capacity of the transmission. Always consult your owners manual for vehicle specific instructions. To determine fill capacity, use our OEM ATF & Conversion Chart

Two Lubegard products are better than one! Click the picture above to see how. 


LUBEGARD Stops Slips & Improves Shifts

LUBEGARD Restores Anti-Wear Protection in High Mileage Vehicles

OEM Endorsement

LUBEGARD is the ONLY product of its kind Used, Endorsed, Designated & Approved by multiple Car Manufacturers/OEM’s!

LUBEGARD is the ONLY Product with 28% Less Acid

The 28% factor is one reason OEM’s choose LUBEGARD. The reason you should use LUBEGARD, is the very same reason OEMS do: solid test results and over a billion miles of proven performance!

Results with and without LUBEGARD

LUBEGARD ATF Protectant is patented and proven by the top independent third-party testing facilities to reduce oxygen uptake (oxidation) by 30%, component wear by 50%, and reduce pentane insolubles (sludge) by 60% when added to GM factory fill (reference for DEXRON® approval).



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WARNING: This product can expose you to ethylbenzene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov