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Two Lubegards Are Better Than One

Two Lubegards Are Better Than One

Lubegard Synthetic ATF Protectant and Instant Shudder Fixx work better, faster and longer together to stop torque-converter clutch shudder (TCC shudder). Both products are effective on their own, but when used together they not only provide a long-term solution for TCC shudder but also offer complete protection for transmissions.

Since the 1980s, lockup torque convertors have become the standard in automatic transmissions. With this technology came a new problem: TCC shudder that has plagued vehicle owners, mechanics and OEMs alike. It’s sometimes hard to determine if TCC shudder was due to a faulty torque converter or if the transmission fluid itself was the culprit. Lubegard Instant Shudder Fixx has made the diagnosis easier for mechanics as well as DIYers due to its simple application. If the TCC shudder doesn’t go away within 25 miles of adding the Instant Shudder Fixx, it’s likely that the issue is mechanical, and the torque convertor may need replacing or rebuilding.

If the Instant Shudder Fixx eliminated the TCC shudder, then the problem was most likely fluid-related and could easily be resolved by performing a fluid service or adding LUBEGARD Synthetic ATF Protectant (Red) to restore the depleted frictional properties and additives such as defoamer, oxidation inhibitor and a complete anti-wear package to the fluid. We also have found through in-house testing that the combination of the two products reduced transmission slippage as well and provided better friction control than on their own. This $25 Lubegard two-product solution could potentially save you thousands of dollars on an expensive torque-converter rebuild or replacement.

LUBEGARD Synthetic ATF Protectant (Red) was developed by International Lubricants Inc. (ILI) over 35 years ago and has become the No. 1-used product in the professional transmission industry since then. LUBEGARD Synthetic ATF Protectant (Red) contains a proprietary ester-based friction modifier that further prolongs reoccurrence of TCC shudder. Lubegard Red also restores additive depletion to old, worn-out fluid; lowers the operating temperature; reduces wear; frees stuck valves; and protects and restores seals without the use of harmful seal-swelling chemicals.

Since 1984, Lubegard has been a leader in research and the development of award-winning lubricants, providing solutions that are based on technology and quality. LUBEGARD Synthetic ATF Protectant (Red) is still the only aftermarket transmission additive recommended in eight OEM technical service bulletins! No other transmission fluid additive can make this claim! LUBEGARD-branded products are used and trusted by professionals worldwide.

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