Assemblēē Gōō™


ASSEMBLEE GOO is formulated for use as an assembly aid and lubricant for virtually any assembly application (including engines!). It provides lubrication and helps facilitate the assembly process, by holding components such as needle bearings and hydraulic seals in place. Simply apply to O-rings, seals, bearings, gaskets, sealing rings, bushings, thrust washers and much more.

  • Provides your choice of tack strength, firmer (GREEN) great for summer months and lighter tack (BLUE) great for winter months
  • No water/soapy residue to contaminate new automatic transmission fluid
  • Dyed green or blue to prevent misdiagnosing leaks
  • Will not melt at shop temperatures
  • Not harmful with prolonged skin contact
  • Will not clog filters
  • Dissolves quickly at operating temperatures
  • Proprietary green formula contains rust inhibitor
  • Compatible with all transmission fluids

available sizes

  • GOO 19250 (green) – 16 oz
  • AGO 19260 (blue) – 16 oz


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