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Heavy Duty Water Soluble Cutting Oil with LXE® Technology


LUBEGARD Cutting Oil is a heavy duty water emulsion coolant designed for use in all metal cutting processes. Made without any chlorinated components that can leave machined parts weaker, it is approved by the aerospace industry for the most difficult machining jobs, such as titanium, chrome moly and tooled steels. The LXE Technology made from renewable agricultural resources, resists the absorption of tramp oils, which contributes to a longer sump life. Dilution ratios are greater than other coolants (up to 40:1 for machining operation, 80:1 for grinding) allowing some distinct cost advantages.

For use in a wide range of metal working operations such as; fabricating, forming, stamping, turning, milling sawing, bending, broaching and tapping.


  • Safe and easy to use and clean up
  • Works at lower concentrations, saves on makeup & disposal
  • Extends sump drain intervals
  • Reduces worker dermatitis & asthma-related symptoms
  • Water Washable
  • Non-flammable
  • No obnoxious fumes
  • Reduces Friction for Longer Tool Life
  • Improves Tool Performance
  • Effective for all cutting operations on all metals
  • Non-Hazardous, relieving the hassle of storing regulated chemicals
  • Does not contain chlorine compounds, phenols, toxic metals
  • Allows for an easier & lower cost disposal
  • Resists rusting
  • Better high temperature cooling with less smoking
  • Suitable for the most demanding machine operations
  • SAVES MONEY! Commonly runs at 30:1 so you buy, and dispose of less oil

available sizes

  • CSM 83815 – 15 oz
  • HDC 80901 – 1 gal
  • HDC 80905 – 5 gal
  • HDC 80955 – 55 gal




Heavy Duty Water Soluble Cutting Oil - Product Data Sheet


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