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Power Steering Fluid Protectant with LXE® Technology


LUBEGARD® POWER STEERING FLUID PROTECTANT is for use with all power steering fluids. It incorporates the same unique proprietary Liquid Wax Ester (LXE®) Technology found in LUBEGARD® Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant which has been used, endorsed, designated and approved by multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) around the world.

LUBEGARD® POWER STEERING FLUID PROTECTANT enhances power steering fluids by providing additional anti-wear, anti-corrosion, and anti-friction compounds. This results in reduced wear, increased responsiveness, and less noise. LUBEGARD® POWER STEERING FLUID PROTECTANT also raises the thermal and oxidative stability of the fluid.

available sizes

  • PSS 20404 – 4 oz

Eliminates steering stiffness & noises!



  • Lowers temperature and extends fluid life
  • Eliminates power steering noises and whines
  • Improves power steering system performance
  • Eliminates rack and pinion steering stiffness
  • Saves Time, Space and Money$$$
  • Frees sticky turbines and pumps
  • Extends system and fluid life
  • Reduces wear, thus extending the life of the power steering system
  • Increases responsiveness
  • Eliminates stiffness on cold mornings
  • Prevents thermal and oxidative breakdown
  • Safe for seals and hoses


Open power steering fluid reservoir. If low, top off with Lubegard® Power Steering Fluid Protectant. Do not overfill. If reservoir is full, up to 4 fluid ounces must be removed in order to add LUBEGARD”.


Drain reservoir and flush with ATF or power steering fluid. For units with severe problems, flush twice. Refill with power steering fluid leaving 4oz. short and add Lubegard® Power Steering Fluid Protectant. Road test vehicle, making at least 8 complete turns to the left and 8 complete turns to the right.

Also available! LUBEGARD Power Steering Flush & Protect Performance Pack P/N 98404

Contains LUBEGARD Power Steering Fluid Protectant and LUBEGARD Power Steering Flush (95040)



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