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Fuel System Booster


LUBEGARD Fuel System Booster is a state-of-the-art new fuel additive made with the highest quality premium PEA and FLA technologies. It is the first product of its kind able to specifically address and treat the newer DIG (direct injection) fuel systems in addition to the traditional intake-port delivery systems of today. LUBEGARD Fuel System Booster is the first 3-in-1 product that provides a total system clean-up and keep-clean, fuel lubricity additive, and fuel stabilizer.


  • Contains a unique, proprietary polyether amine (PEA) detergent technology, the most effective chemistry for total fuel system cleanup that outperforms competitors
  • EPA/LAC, CARB, and TOP TIER™ compliant
  • Ideal for new DIG fuel systems
  • Can be used in any type of engine; gasoline or diesel
  • Cleans carburetor / fuel injectors in one tank
  • Removes deposits from combustion chamber and intake valves
  • One step process, just pour in the tanks, does not require aerosol
  • Prevents hesitation, rough idle, and stalling
  • Improves fuel economy and horsepower
  • Allows less expensive, lower octane fuel to be used
  • Stabilizes fuel during storage
  • Reduces emissions

available sizes

FSB 77012 – 16 oz



Because fuel is delivered directly into the cylinder, DIG engines do not have a throttle plate. So it is not necessary to use an accompanying aerosol in order to perform a complete clean-up.

  • DIG Functions at far higher pressures ~ 2,000 psi vs. ~50 psi
  • Injection cycle is a much shorter period of time
  • Port Injection has two rotations of the crankshaft to inject the fuel. At 6,000 rpm, this is 20 milliseconds.
  • DIG occurs in a portion of the intake stroke, which occurs in 0.4 to 5 milliseconds
  • Fuel stream is much more finely atomized
  • DIG stream is 1/5th the droplet size of PFI
  • Allows increased airflow into combustion chambers

BMW Certification:

Testing in the standard BMW test (ASTM D 5500)
using a US EPA 65th percentile fuel establishes a
minimum dosage of 120 ppm LUBEGARD® Fuel
System Booster for this combination of test and base fuel.

Test Method: ASTM D5500
Engine: 1.8L (318i BMW)
Duration: 5,000 Miles
Fuel: Base E11A (No EtOH)
Duration: 10,100 Miles
Fuel: Base + 10.2% EtOH + LUBEGARD® Fuel System Booster

DIG Cleanup Test:

In the 1.8L Mitsubishi Carisma outfitted with GDI, an IVD cleanup test was run. Deposits were built up using a fuel containing a premium synthetic additive, then cleaned up in two tanks using 3200ppm LUBEGARD Fuel System Booster.

LUBEGARD Fuel System Booster cleaned up 29% of the deposits left by the premium synthetic additive.

PFI Cleanup Test:


The dirtiest injector when buildup was complete on the three tank cleanup was 21% flow restricted. All of the dirty injectors cleaned up to within 1% of the original 100% flow.

Engine:Chrysler 2.2L tc, I-4 w/MPFI
Buildup:999 miles
Cleanup:1005 Miles

Long Term Fuel Trim (LTFT) Test Results (via OBD-2):

LTFT is an ECM algorithm for adaptive fuel trim. In order to accommodate a plugged DIG injector nozzle, the injector must stay open for longer period of time.

For this test, we used a 2012 Camaro 3.6L V6 LFX.

NACE and ASTM D665A Corrosion Testing:

De-polarized Iso-OctaneE
1400 ppm LUBEGARD Fuel System BoosterA

* Results

“E” – denotes 75-100% rust

“A” – denotes 0% rust

(“B+”” or better – generally considered to pass)


All tests and data were performed and gathered using third party testing.



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