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Transmission Digest – Top 10 Products – Limited Slip Supplement - February 22, 2019

Our Limited Slip Supplement was named as one of Transmission Digest‘s Top 10 product winners for 2019 – Check it out in their February issue – http://bit.ly/TDtop10ProdLSS


LUBEGARD®’s  Limited Slip Supplement is specifically formulated for clutches in limited slip differentials, which depend on the operation of pre-loaded clutch packs on each axle shaft. Gear oils made for standard differentials do not contain the additives that make these clutches work. LUBEGARD Limited Slip Supplement contains proprietary and synthetic LXE® (liquid wax ester) Technology, an advanced friction modifier to eliminate chatter. It contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect bearings and gear surfaces. Benefits all makes of vehicles with limited slip differentials.


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